Terry Opoku, better known as his stage name Tnyce, is a Canadian producer and songwriter who
breathes life into his passions to create a world that he desires. Discovering his love for music at an early
age, it was his dexterity in harmonies, fusion and measure that pushed him to miraculously blossom
out of the turmoil which surrounded his turbulent Toronto neighborhood. At times, his future looked
inconceivable, but his dedication and deep rooted faith in his talent brought his vision to light, slowly
cultivating a commendable resume in only a few short years. Tnyce has collaborated with artists such
as: Sean Kingston, Reema Major, Belly, Page, Jrdn and P. Reign, all of whom have been a stepping stone
towards inking a production deal with The Millennium Men; a production team signed under UOMO
Universal Music Group.

His trade mark sound is a tuneful mixture of both musical influences; Timberland and Ryan Leslie,
stirring up a matchless, rhythmic style and a multifaceted ear for all genres. Not surprisingly, his
attention to detail is what sets him apart from mediocrity, outlining the difference between his
originality and numerous imitators. His personal experiences are the motivation behind his compositions
and by connecting love and music, he has realized the secret to having longevity in the industry; positive

Tnyce has capitalized on his gift; reinventing the way listeners take heed to his music. His goals of
achieving success on the Billboard Charts and becoming one of the greatest producers of his time is
merely just beyond his reach, so as his career-defining moments amplify, so will his loyalty to the game.


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