Spekwon S I X T Y M I N U T E S @ Studio Bar March-25-2015

I’m excited to announce that on Wednesday March 25th, Spekwon and his new management team, will be having a listening party at Studio Bar where he’ll finally share all 12 new songs off of his full length project SOFA KING AMAZING.
Putting this project together has been quite the journey (3 years in the making), but he’d have it no other way. Spekwon sends a massive thank you to every musician/magician that was humble and loving enough to lend their energy throughout the alchemical process.

This body of art is worth more than gold to me, so in advanced, I thank all who will be there. “SPEKWON

Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/342207715967801/343275682527671/

Clothing by AIM