Birth Name: Louis OdameBoadu

Date of Birth: 11th October, 1990

Originating Country: Ghana, Akuapim

Genre: All round genre

Occupation: Record Producer, Rapper, Sound Engineer, Song Writer.

Instruments: Keyboards, Drums, Bass Guitar, FL Studio, Logic,

Label Affiliations: H.O.O.D,Double O Rekords , BBNZ, 2131 Records

Associate Acts: E.L, V.V.I.P, Joey B, Pappy Kojo, Obrafour, Dee Moneey, Lil Shaker, Edem,

QuabenaMaphia, Okyeame Kwame, Raquel, Jay Town, Nite Life, Gemini, Screech, and Stay Jay

to name a few.


Twitter: @Slimbogh

Instagram: @Slimbogh

Highly regardedfor his top notch creativity skills, Louis OdameBoadu, ( born on 11th October 1990) Popularly known by his stage name, Slimbo, is a gifted Ghanaian Record Producer, Rapper, and Song writer.

At age five, Slimbo gained attention in the music world with the help of his father who has
played a very influential role in his musical career.

As a child, Slimbo had a small interesting octave long piano given to him by his father that he always enjoyed experimenting with. His father is a music composer and writer who introduced him to the beautiful keys of the piano. He directed Slimbo on how to play the piano along with his tune. He did the singing as Slimbo played the piano and sequenced different musical sounds in his own genius with a small synthesizer he had. It was always beautiful seeing Daddy on the mic and the child on the beat.


Slimbo was born in his hometown ApiredeAkuapim – Eastern Region.And grew up in parts of Kumasi and Accra. Growing up as a teenager, playing of musical instruments was the most valuable time taker in the life of Slimbo. Music took over him in high school as he opted to join his school Brass Band in first year and started developing deep interest and passion for music.

Playing at church bands, Studio sessions and Joining music groups to play at live band shows helped him master the use of musical instruments such as the bass guitar, Drums and the keyboards.

It was in high school that he also gained attention with his very unique style of rapping and free-styling on radio shows. Every time after school hours, he spent the rest of his time in a small studio setup together with his mates close to school campus recording himself and producing for others as well.

After discovering himself as a teenager with such great potentials at that time, Slimbo decided not to hit the mainstream industry right away, but rather chose to work hard behind the scenes, research and practice beyond perfection to achieve excellence before exposing himself to the world. Throughout this period, he met and worked with some big personalities and musicians in the entertainment industry, and yet to do more greats.

As someone who grew up in Ghana –West – Africa and as a rapper who has been a big fan of hiphop music aiming at both the local and international markets, His music taste is definitely influenced by great icons such as ZappMallet, Osibisa, Dr. Dre, The Runners, and Swizz Beatz.

That said, his productions are an uplifting combination of R&B, Hip Hop, African Rhythms, Funk, Pop, Reggae, Soul, Jazz , etc. His curiosity for various music styles and mixing them up results in his innovative music sounds.

His versatility is proven by the range of music styles he produces. Known for hit songs like Wave – Joey B, Book of Hip-Life – VVIP, Realer No – Pappy Kojo, Sakumono – Gemini, etc.

As an inherent part of Slimbo, his music style knows no boundaries.And that makes his music unpredictable, but definitely recognizable.

Slimbo has his sights set on taking his music to the next level and worldwide.


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