Rich Kidd

Since the beginning, the sounds of music have flown through the veins of Ritchie “Rich Kidd” Acheampong. As a gifted producer and emcee, Rich Kidd embodies his namesake, if more metaphorically than literally. With production skills that rivals some of the industry’s best and blessed with an abundance of musical talent, Rich Kidd routs anything he puts his mind to.
Born April 28th, 1987 and native to Mississauga’s well-known projects on Ridgeway Drive, Rich Kidd has spent his years building up the accolades and reputation that keep his name acclaimed in Toronto. His notoriously hypnotic, head-nodding, dramatic soundscapes have reached the ears of diverse and esteemed artists such as: Drake, Busta Rhymes, Kardinal Offishall, Saukrates, Bishop Brigante, Ill Bill, Raekwon, Cutty Ranks and Sizzla. To add to his list of music credentials, he has spawned a multitude of singles and, at the tender age of 23, has both an Australian and Canadian tour under his belt.

As a teenager, Rich Kidd was part of a five-man collective called Rotten Onez. Independently, the group built a formidable buzz across the city of Toronto, establishing a presence on college radio with material from their block-burning mixtape Screwface Capital. Soon after the mixtape dropped, Rich Kidd met Courtney “Uno” Allen, founder of Ridgeway Entertainment, who instantly recognized the world-class talent in the young artist and became Kidd’s manager. It was then that Rich Kidd’s future as a prominent producer/emcee was more appealing than before: he had an undeniable power, and his sound was addictive.

But Ritchie Acheampong could do much more: his swift, sharp and street-savvy style of rhyme became a force to be reckoned with. Upon release from a brief stint in prison, he attacked the mic with a vengeance. In 2007, success came faster and furious. Releasing the fan-favorite popular compilation “We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t”, featuring over two dozen of the songs he was instrumental in creating, the Rich Kidd empire became a satisfying showcase of growing talent by of one of Canada’s most revered producers. “We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t Part 2” came in the summer of 2008, and the stacked mixtape continued the young Saukrates-prodigy’s reign of hip-hop terror, propelling him higher into the echelon of artists rising from the untapped talent banks of Toronto, Ontario. Busta Rhymes and Billy Danze of M.O.P. were the next MC’s in hip-hop to tap into Rich Kidd’s repertoire, using one of his beats for the mixtape burner “Undescribable”. Soon after, in 2009, respected Canadian artist K-Os was featured on a Saukrates song featuring Nelly Furtado called “I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman”, produced by Rich Kidd. The song would go on to outsell K-Os’ new album Yes! on iTunes, and continues to garner attention and respect for Rich Kidd, the mastermind of the infectious melody. 2010 ushered in more recognition, as Rich Kidd was nominated for the prestigious Stylus DJ Awards’ “Producer of the Year” award. “We On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t Volume 4: The Boiling Point” was released in July, shortly followed by Rich Kidd’s highly-anticipated debut video for the self-produced mixtape-standout “Take It Slow”.

Pushed and propelled by a huge underground buzz, September, 2010 had Rich Kidd headlining Toronto’s premier annual hip-hop showcase ManifesTO, alongside the legendary Black Thought (The Roots) and Jay Electronica. Rich Kidd’s searing rhymes and sonic have become something to behold, being championed and hailed as a nation-wide favorite. Focusing on performance vigor and musical versatility, Rich Kidd is a master of his craft, with a coveted sound and style that continues to make him one of Toronto’s most promising artists.


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