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Scientific is set to serve up a first listen of “DA NEW ERA” on Thursday 22nd September, 2011. The
special pre launch is scheduled to take place at a location known by only the 60 invited personalities.
Dissimilar to the main launch at Aphrodisiac Nite Club on 24th October, The all VIP pre launch will have
the wonda world entertainment Rapper alongside DJ K3V from South Africa treat the invitees to back-
to-back exclusive mixes from the yet to be released “DA NEW ERA ALBUM” album.

The exclusive cocktail event will precede with appearances on TV & radio stations around Accra. Top
industry players and media personalities as well as a few lucky fans will be the first to hear the album.

The main album Launch will see thrilling performances by Sarkodie, Jayso, Efya, Irene logan,
Castro, J-town, Edi Young, Lil shaker, St Riya, Trigmatic, Sammy (Nigeria), Mr Smith from
Liberia, Fritz and Scientific himself.

Ghanaian showbiz personality and fashion designer KOD will be MC, while DJs on rotation
include DJ k3v from South Africa, DJ Black, DJ Armani, DJ Mick Smith, DJ Champaign and DJ
chrome from Nigeria.


Scientific (Sonny Jamaal Tayshaun Tubman) was born in Liberia (Bong County) and raised in Ghana
because of the war that broke out in Liberia at that time. With a Christian background, you would expect
more of a gospel act but Scientific is extremely versatile. As a Youngman, he always wanted to be a
doctor in future until he got into high school and got really acquainted with Hip Hop.

He then started listening to Hip Hop greatest artists’ like Nas, The Notorious B.I.G and BIG L to the point
that he started writing down their lyrics and studying them very closely, trying to catch up to their
standards. They were his role models and not too long after, he started developing the ability and skills
of writing his own lyrics, which took him into a whole new realm. He won an award as the best lyricist
at a High School Rap Competition, best street rapper in rap battle competition and Africa’s best rapper.
With continuous free styling and rap battles amongst other rappers in ciphers, he emerged unbeatable
and non comparable amongst the rest so he decided to put his thing on wax. In scientific’s quest for
a record deal, he took part in many radio based talent hunts, but all he got was props from everyone
saying he had great skills and should go international. He finally hooked up with Zion records but things
didn’t really work out for him while he was there.

He kept on looking till he bumped into Ghana’s hottest entertainer – CHEDDAR! ON hearing Scientific’s
flow, Cheddar hooked him on his label W.O.N.D.A WORLD ENTERTAINMENT (WWE). He had been
practically caged in the studio for a longtime by Cheddar the CEO of WWE, grooming him and getting
him ready for the world. WWE is introducing Scientific the most critically acclaimed Africa’s Number
One (1) with or without the crown. He has shared stage with many other international stars and hip hop
icons like Jay-Z, Fat Joe, Akon, Fabulous, and many more.

He was recently involved in a freestyle battle with Wyclef and his lyrical contents are skewed towards
addressing the continents financial crisis, political issues and urban culture. To cut the long story short
hit for more details.

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